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Skin Care

Pamper yourself with the best natural skincare solutions that revive and empower your skin. Our experienced estheticians analyze your skin's unique characteristics and develop individual planning based on the best products and the latest methods. Discover the very best in skincare and find an amazing, youthful look at Zenails Makeover Studios.

Body Care

Indulge your senses with rejuvenating body treatments that purposely promote relaxation and vitality. We have therapists who have a wide range of skills. They do massages, body wraps, exfoliating bodily treatments that help one relax and rejuvenate. Indulge yourself in a tranquil and restorative experience at our Zenails Makeover Salons.


The cleanup is a must-have skincare step which involves deep cleansing, exfoliation, and toning for getting rid of impurities, unclogging pores and regenerating your skin. We help you feel good and look at your best for any special occasion or daily care. Our Cleanup service is designed for a healthy and radiant complexion with a glowing look.

Female Haircut

Our hair stylists will provide you with a personal haircut that is designed for your style and taste. Whether you're into the latest trends or prefer a classic look, we design hairstyle that flatters your features and makes you look good in every way. Our Female Haircut services range from a neat trim to a dramatic transformation of your hair, leaving you feeling confident and rejuvenated.

D Tan

Our D-Tan service is intended to whiten your skin from the sun tan and give your skin the natural glow. Our expert estheticians are trained to use natural gentle yet effective exfoliating and lightening products that leave the skin smooth, even-toned and glowing. Treat yourself to this restoring experience at Zenails Makeover Studios.

D - Tan / Bleach

This process, a combination of D-Tan and Bleaching, will help you get rid of tan, and to brighten your skin, restoring its natural radiance. During your facial, we apply exfoliating products with delicate yet tenacious techniques to even out the tone of your skin, making it smooth, glowing, and ultimately refreshed.


Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with our professional waxing treatments. Our skilled technicians use high-quality wax to gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from various body areas with minimal discomfort. Enjoy a polished look and feel confident with our expert waxing services at Zenails Makeover Studios.


Indulge in a full-fledged pedicure that will pamper your feet with nail trimming, cuticle care, exfoliation, and a relaxing foot massage. Our experienced technicians will offer you the best foot care with the finest quality products to make sure your feet are smooth, soft, silky and well-groomed. Give yourself a pampering foot care session at Zenails Makeover Studios.


Keep your hands looking their best by pampering yourself with a professional manicure that includes cutting and shaping, caring for the cuticle, exfoliating and a relaxing hand massage. Our trained experts use only high -quality products to make sure your nails are healthy, well-polished and stunning. Enjoy a revitalizing and delightful hand care services at Zenails Makeover Studios.

Body Polishing

Let us introduce you to our Body Polishing service which is an ultimate pampering treatment. This treatment, which is designed to gently exfoliate, helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities. You'll be left with a skin that is smooth, soft, and more radiant. Our experienced therapists will employ the best products to moisturize and refresh your skin making it glow naturally.

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